Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Are Your Needs? Explicit Self Communication

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Explicit Self Communication

Some days back I carried out an exercise in explicit self-communication that was very satisfying.

What do I mean by explicit self-communication?

I write down an explicit (life) question in a notebook and then write the first answer that comes to me. If the answer does not seem to be coming from my authentic self, I just write exactly the same question again. Somewhat like The Little Prince who would not let go until you answered his question. Such an exercise has proven to be very very helpful to me a few times in the past too. Helpful in bringing clarity and comfort to my mind.

For example, the first time I think I communicated with myself in this manner was when I asked myself (and answered), explicitly in writing: What is my deepest intent? I do not remember exactly what I wrote first, but for the first few times I kept writing things that did not ring true to me. "To be happy" or “To contribute to society” quite possibly might have been some of them. So I kept repeating the question again and again to myself [in writing]. Finally what came out, as I pushed myself more and more, rang true. I knew completely that it was the true and complete answer (at least at that moment).

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

on fear: 2


what can i give
that is not marred
with trepidation?

it is the dust
and soil of my earth

what you pick and eat
from me
has grown in

~ vani murarka

on fear: 1


listen ...
who is there?

stop ...
hold your heart

light ...
a little faith

~ vani murarka

Sunday, February 3, 2013

coconut tree in the dark

i live under the umbrella
of a coconut tree
in the dark night
above i see

a shot i tried
to take for you
but the camera
did not see
what my eyes
and my heart
did see -
oh that unknown

so my love
come you too see
this spectacle
in udupi

but you must
in the dark
stand still
and also quiet be
late in the night
when everything
indeed does quiet be

then you touch
that which is
dark, rich and

the night and its
coconut tree

~ vani murarka

Monday, January 7, 2013

Resume Visualization

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A simple way (using just MS Excel) to create a crisp resume that displays your history on a timeline. A KISS design that facilitates comprehension without excessive visual excitation.

This post has moved to my "visual exploration" blog. Please read the complete article here:

Monday, December 17, 2012

life: poem 2

evaluate not your life

evaluate not
your life,
per perceived norms.
there are many stories
you know not.

no scale is there
to measure
your life against.
a wild flower
as many in the unseen woods,
or unique -
what you are,
you know not.
it matters not.

evaluate not, your life.
embrace it.
it is yours.
yours truly.

~ vani murarka