Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fallen warrior of relationships

he said this and she said that -
many forms of verbal attack.

all i want to know is -
how to dodge?
to hit back? no.
take the slap? no.
all i want to know
is how to dodge?

to dance and dodge
to skip and dodge
to laugh and dodge
all i want to know is
how to dodge?

and what of arrows
lodged inside
deep in the past?
how do i pull out n cast
them all aside?
not fester ignorant into
blisters that erupt suddenly
burn me n friends n family ...

bent no more,
not even sore,
meet the world then
shining again -
grand warrior of
love sword hanging
from the hip.
arrows of kindness
and compassion,
shield of detachment ...

but all these are
just ideals now.
a battered self
i am right now.
in defense i shout,
return attack.
or silently pout,
internal whack.

yet where to head out,
i now do know.
but reach there how?
i do not know.
many pointers the
teachers show.

i will try a few
something will ensue.
to a new land now i go -
for no one and to
nothing show.

only that i may
meet you anew,
my bond with you
i may renew.

as i find me
i shall find thee,
this is not simply
a theory.

as truth i sense this
in my heart -
so stand again,
again i start.

~ vani murarka

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. A real expression of agony and restoration.AS I FIND ME - I SHALL FIND THEE - IN MY HEART - so it is. - Ranjeet