Saturday, July 7, 2012

what is poetry?

words they are both poetry prose
how come in rhyme comfort arose?

broken glass pierces sole
but broken lines -
they soothe the soul

broken sentences
make poetry
tremors, cracks
of soul to see

there is comfort in being seen
greater comfort when i see me
gently move tip of my finger
caress cracks and let them linger

feel the faint hint of the chasm
outlet for lava from the bosom
put my lips gently on chasm
accept the storm that i can't fathom

break the lines
and put in rhymes
draw curves and spirals
song divine
a shawl of soul
to wrap round me
an open ground
to dance in glee

broken thoughts and broken feelings
shed by the soul at time of healing
fallen from one broken soul
herbs to heal another soul

words in poetry, don't feel like words
they are texture, color, swirls

words are simply just a channel
so waves from far to us may travel
that far beyond that is our center
poetry enables us to enter

divine magic, poetry
a gift for frazzled humanity
it is silence
it is song
it seems weak
but it is strong.

all creation, all there be
it all dances in poetry.

~ vani murarka

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